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Publishing blog posts to Wordpress using RMarkdown
November 23, 2017

Easy posting

When I was getting this blog setup, I decided I needed to make creating new posts as easy as possible. I want to use my daily commute (which is about 1.5 hours each day) to create new content, and in order to make the barrier as small as possible I started looking into the options for posting from some kind of notebook format.

After a lot of researching the options, looking into the available libraries, trying things out, I arrived at the combination of Wordpress, R Markdown, and the awesome RWordpress library.

For those just interested in the code, the github repository for RWordpress can be found here, and the script I use for posting my articles is on my github here.

So how can you use RWordpress to make your life easier? To start things off you need to install a few libraries from github.




Next step, write your blog post. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the RMarkdown format, but if not it’s basically a superset of standard markdown, which allows the execution of code within the document (check out the docs). Once you’ve got your draft ready, you can preview it with the preview/knit button in Rstudio.

So, you’ve finished your post and you’re eager to share it with the world. Running this R script will do the trick:

pw <- readLines(file("../data/wp_password.txt"))
options(WordpressLogin = c(dsbrown = pw),
        WordpressURL = "")

rmd_file <- args$file
# Post thumbnail
opts_knit$set( = function(file){library(RWordPress);uploadFile(file)$url;})

        title = args$title,
        categories = cat,
        publish = TRUE)

And just like that, your article is live on Wordpress and visible to all your readers! The script is available here, and I hope this will make blogging easier for some of you.

Happy posting!

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